★★★★★ “A dark and twisted murder mystery with genuine surprises.”

A killer who won’t forgive

A detective who can’t forget

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR JAKE SAWYER is the dark star of the Met Police murder squad. He’s a peerless investigator with an acid tongue and serious martial arts skills for when the going gets rough.

But he carries a heavy psychological burden, having witnessed the savage murder of his mother as a child.

When the body of a teenage boy is found near Sawyer’s birthplace in rural Derbyshire, he returns home to help local police decode the killer’s nightmarish methods.

As more victims are discovered, the questions stack up. How are the killings connected? Why go to such violent extremes? And why are there video cameras installed in the shallow graves?


★★★★★ “Grabs right away and doesn’t let up until the last sentence.”

Five victims bonded by blood

A detective blinded by revenge

JAKE SAWYER is suffering. After a bruising confrontation with a cruel killer, he has isolated himself in a remote cottage in the bleak and beautiful northern Peak District.

Facing an uncertain future, he resumes his covert investigation into his mother’s murder, and enters therapy to explore his lack of primal fear response.

When an ex-TV personality is found murdered, from a single stab wound to the heart, Sawyer suspects a ritualistic element. But then a second victim is found, and he forms a terrifying theory about the killer’s twisted logic.

As Sawyer edges closer to mental collapse, he must protect the killer’s targets as he uncovers the truth behind the death of his mother: a truth that will put his reputation, and freedom, at risk.


★★★★★ “Characters so well written they jump off the page.”

An unthinkable evil

An unbearable secret

JAKE SAWYER is out in the cold. As winter descends on the Peak District, he finds himself suspended from the force, accused of murder.

When two young children go missing, feared abducted, Sawyer has to improvise to help solve the mystery. And as the bodies of adults appear in remote locations, he suspects a chilling connection to the missing children.

With time running out on his bail, Sawyer must fight to crack the cases and clear his name.

But then he uncovers the unbelievable truth behind his mother’s murder, thirty years earlier. A truth that leads him to question his sanity and threatens to tear his world apart.


★★★★★ “I absolutely loved this book. It kept me wanting more and more.”

A maniac on the loose

A detective on the edge

JAKE SAWYER is feeling the heat. Returning to duty after an enforced psychological break, he’s called in to investigate the murder of a young woman found near one of the Peak District’s key beauty spots.

Sawyer is intrigued by the unusual mix of extreme violence and decorative presentation, and when the death is connected to the earlier killings of three other local women, he joins a task force of regional detectives in a hunt for the man the media are calling The New Ripper.

As the UK sweats in a record-breaking heatwave, a fifth woman goes missing, and the killer contacts the police, personally challenging Sawyer to catch him before he claims her as his next victim.


★★★★★ “Prose that gets under your flesh and into your bones.”

A missing teenager left for dead

A detective staring into the abyss

JAKE SAWYER is in limbo. Facing an internal enquiry into his capture of a vicious killer, he turns private detective, and takes the seemingly hopeless case of a teenage boy, missing for seven years.

When a young woman podcaster investigating the boy’s disappearance also goes missing, Sawyer is drawn into the secretive world of urban exploration. But then an adult male body is found, showing signs of extreme torture, and the murder reminds Sawyer of an unsolved case from his early career.

Out of therapy and tormented by trauma, Sawyer must hold himself together as his quest to find the missing boy and woman leads him to the lair of his most terrifying adversary.


★★★★★ “Kept me reading until the end with twists I didn’t see coming.”

His enemies’ worst nightmare

His own worst enemy

JAKE SAWYER is in hiding. Wanted for questioning after a death in his custody, he is lying low, forming a plan to clear his name.

When the body of an elderly man is discovered, horrifically brutalised, Sawyer suspects the victim might not be as innocent as he seems.

As more murders come to light and the police race to apprehend an insatiable killer with a sadistic streak, Sawyer is targeted by devious new enemies, tasked with flushing him out and taking him down.

With his pursuers closing in, Sawyer discovers a family secret which reveals the true horror behind the murders. But to catch the culprit, he must delve deeper than ever into his personal trauma, and finally make peace with the past.


★★★★★ “Unputdownable. Full of action and great characters.”

A city in fear of the night

A detective at home in the dark

JAKE SAWYER is in demand. With his profile raised after successes in the Peak District, he’s called to London to help the Met with a baffling case which has shocked the nation.

A family of four has been tortured and murdered in their upscale Hammersmith home. The crime’s disturbing details are kept private to retain the victims’ dignity and to deter copycats.

As Sawyer struggles to settle in the big city and keep his mental health in balance, he follows a private theory about the killer which leads him deep into an urban underworld where secrets rule, and the lines between pleasure and pain are blurred.


★★★★★ “If I read a book in three days then it must be good.”

A mother’s dying prayer

A son’s unholy vengeance

JAKE SAWYER is damaged. Haunted by guilt after surviving an attack that left four people dead, he returns to work under a cloud of professional scrutiny.

When the desecrated body of a recently released murderer is dumped at a Peak District beauty spot, Sawyer suspects the killing is delayed vigilante justice. But as further victims emerge, he realises the motive runs deeper into the past, and he may be facing a seasoned psychopath guided by a higher power.

With the murder hunt intensifying, Sawyer’s team are pushed to the limit when a lethal old enemy abducts the wife of a high profile politician, forcing him into a dangerous alliance.

As Sawyer grapples with both enquiries, his self-destructive urges threaten to overwhelm him. And when the love of his life is marked for death, Sawyer’s long-suppressed trauma finally breaks out in an explosion of righteous fury.


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