Two missing children. A heartless killer. A disgraced detective.

DI Jake Sawyer is out in the cold. As winter descends on the Peak District, he finds himself suspended from the force, accused of murder.

When two young children go missing, feared abducted, Sawyer must improvise to help solve the mystery. As the bodies of adults start to appear in remote locations, Sawyer suspects a chilling connection to the missing children. With time running out on his bail, he must fight to crack the cases and clear his name.

But then Sawyer uncovers the shocking truth behind his mother’s murder, thirty years earlier: a truth that leads him to question his sanity, and threatens to tear his world apart.

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THE DYING LIGHT is the third book in the DI Jake Sawyer series of dark crime thrillers set in the UK Peak District.

If you like vivid characters, spectacular locations and devilish twists, you'll love this page-turning series from one of the UK's sharpest writers.

Engrossing and moreish.
Characters so well written they jump off the page.

DI Jake Sawyer Series

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