Whatever stage you're at with your writing project—early ideas, first draft, self-edit—I can help you move it closer to publication.

Before we agree to work together, I will need to discuss the book with you and see a sample of work in progress. (Usually the first one or two chapters.) I can then advise on the type of edit required.

If the project is at an early stage—perhaps with an incomplete manuscript—then I will suggest a Developmental Edit (effectively, an extended review). This will help you to turn your completed work into a structural plan that can be used as a blueprint for your first draft.

If you have finished your manuscript but feel you need help with certain elements—characterisation, story, style, dialogue—then you're at the Structural Edit stage. I will provide a deep feedback report that will highlight the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, offer practical suggestions for improvement, and advise on next steps.

Once you're confident that the manuscript is complete in terms of structure and content, then you need a second—professional—pair of eyes. This is the Copy Edit, where I pore over the text in close detail, tightening sentence construction, catching inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and highlighting issues with spelling, grammar, repetition, and style.

You will then be able to review—and accept or reject—all of my suggestions.

In the case of a copy edit, I will also provide an extensive style-sheet, which lists all the agreed spellings and stylistic conventions. This can be passed on to help with the final proofread.

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I answer all enquiries personally, and will try to reply within 24 hours.