A selection of my non-fiction writing. Pop-culture journalism, interviews, blog posts.



Feature: The Chemistry Is Simply Perfect.
An appreciation of Breaking Bad. Before it was popular.
Sunday Times. July, 2012.

Interview: Dan Weiss & David Benioff.
A sweary conversation with the Game of Thrones co-writers/producers, just after filming was completed on Season 2.
Sunday Times. March, 2012.


Feature: The Author/Editor Relationship.
My philosophy on editing, and how authors and editors can work better together.
Reedsy. September, 2015.

Feature: 'How To Write What You Don't Know'.
My take on the classic conventional wisdom for writers.
The Artist Unleashed. June, 2015.

Feature: The Undercover Soundtrack.
In which I gush about the music that inspired the writing and themes of my novel The Ghost.
My Memories Of A Future Life. July, 2015.


Interview: Ricky Gervais.
A career-spanning chat at Gervais' Hampstead office. Film, TV, atheism, and Karl Pilkington.
Total Film. January, 2010.

Feature: A Light on The Shining.
The hidden horrors behind Kubrick's classic.
Sunday Times. October, 2012.