I'm an author and editor from the North of England, currently exiled in London. My writing has been published in several magazines and newspapers, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Men's Health, and I've worked in creative and digital roles with GQ, Vogue, Wired and Total Film.


I write psychological thrillers – novels and short stories. When I'm not working on my own words, I'm a firm but friendly editor with over twenty years' experience in working with copy – as writer, rewriter, commissioning editor and editor.

I prefer to work with fiction, and I've edited several genres including fantasy, thriller, western, and contemporary women's fiction.

I specialise in copy editing, but also offer developmental work and copywriting (promo text, blurbs, taglines, websites).

Every book project is unique, and once I have a sense of where you are with the manuscript, I can offer an idea of the work required, a timescale and a quote. Have a look at the 'Editor' section for more detail.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I answer every email and will try to reply within 24 hours.

Photography by Julia Hunter